Gushy feelings post time!

SO0OO0O0O0, on the way back from seeing Star Trek with my mom, I turned on the radio and “Some Nights” by Fun came on. I told my mom that Derp and I would have this music video playing over and over just cuz the song was indeed fun. Then I started talking about what it was like “living” with him for a while which sparked up this memory:

Every day he left for uni, I’d wave BYEEE to him from his window down to where the train station was. I’d wait for him to board his train to go to uni and once he did I went on with my day… aka slept for another hour or two haha! Once I woke up it was almost time for him to come home so I’d start up on cooking him lunch just as he finished class. It took about 20 minutes for him to get back so it was just enough time for me to prepare everything, lollygag, and cook. Once he’d come home I could hear him walking to the door and I’d get so damn excited!! He’d unlock the door, step inside, and walk right into the kitchen and give me a huuuuge hug! That always set my day right and I miss that feeling so much. I loved seeing the smile on his face, feeling those super tight hugs, and sitting together while we watched reruns of FRIENDS on tv.

I cannot wait for him to move over. Just one more month until July!!!

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  6. b18 said: Aweee! Seriously you guys are such a cute couple. Just reading, hearing, and seeing your relationship and how much you guys love each other, It gives me hope and happiness!
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