Ok so…I’m going through old videos and I came across this. It honestly brought me to tears. Not because of the content of the video, but of how far I’ve come with my weight loss so far. If you listen to this, you’ll notice I sound like a totally different person. I was sick and in and out of the emergency room, I couldn’t breathe and basically wasn’t in a good place at all. Also, this was me using a “flattering” angle.

I’m actually shaking right now at the thought that I let myself get to that point in my life but on the other hand am so happy that I’ve come so far and know I will NEVER let myself get to this point ever again.

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"Don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling."
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Hi Guys! Gloria Shuri Nava here! I'm 24, make youtube videos and do just a tad bit of acting on the side! I'm also in a long distance relationship which I find is important to say because I know it's always nice to know there are other people out there who are on the same boat as me!

As of lately I like to write, and attempt to come up with new material to make you laugh! Have a great day! <3

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